Karibu BimaPap!

BimaPap allows you to purchase insurance through WhatsApp for anyone, at anytime and anywhere in the world!

You can purchase our insurance through BimaPap. To get started, you need to:

  • Have WhatsApp on your phone
  • Text “BimaPap” to +255 764 166 066 and then click the link that’s provided
  • Follow the prompts until you reach +1 202 800 9226 (BimaPap’s global service number)
  • Continue to follow the prompts (which will be in Swahili at this point) and within minutes, you can get our insurance (just like PAP)!

If you experience any difficulties while using BimaPap, you can:

Call BimaPap

+255 766 424 205

Visit BimaPap Website

Contact Us