All Risks Insurance

  All risks insurance protects your business from unforeseen losses resulting from machinery breakdowns, on-site accidents and more.   How it helps All Risks – Protects your business from losses arising from a number of risks, from flooding, third-party liability claims and property damage– You can customise the cover

Bonds Insurance

Bonds insurance is made for businesses that are looking to win tenders and manage their contractual risks. How it helps Advance Payment Bond – Protects the buyer that intends to makes an advance payment to the seller– Instils confidence in the buyer as the bond guarantees that the seller

Motor Insurance

  Motor insurance is a must if your business owns a motor vehicle and our motor insurance policies can be tailored to suit your needs.   How it helps Comprehensive Cover – Protects your business and third parties from losses arising from motor vehicle accidents– Offers financial protection up

Fire Insurance

Disasters can destroy your business if you do not plan for them, which is where fire insurance comes in. This insurance provides coverage for damages caused by fires and similar disasters. How it helps Fire – Protects your business from losses arising from fires– You can customise the cover